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The Exalon QMS Module is two-fold, with a mobile inspection application and the compiling of the information into the system to generate comprehensive management reports.


Exalon QMS information flow

Digital Inspections results are compiled into management reports on the QMS interface


Exalon mobile GPS Inspection application includes the following features:

  • Checks for closest Lot No to the inspectors walking in the site
  • The beneficiary’s details appear when inspector enters the Lot No
  • If the inspector has doubts on the Lot No, he can type the beneficiary’s ID No which will bring up the Lot No associated
  • Any previous inspections done for that Lot No will come up to show any warnings or comments from a previous inspection
  • Inspector “signs-in” to validate inspections – his name will appear on all the reports for accountability
  • XY coordinates are recorded at time of inspection to make sure inspector is on site and the times 
  • Navigation facility will help Inspector find a lot
  • Option to mark a site with “Site with Query”to warn of a problem that warrants an interruption of further building
  • If required, volume of foundation required can be calculated on the tablet by typing in measurements if fields provided
  • Captures photos saved with Lot No
  • Field available for comments or reason for failed inspections
  • Digital signatures on the device if required
Mobile inspections

Digital Inspection check-list with GPS location

QMS Features specific to the Contractor Module:

  • The builder can allocate specific lots and structure to his sub-contractors
  • With a few clicks, the builder can then generate and print his contracts to his sub-contractors with all pre-populated information (lot number, subby’s details, price, structure…)
  • The inspections are done according to a digital check-list on an Android tablet while recording GPS coordinates to ensure inspections are done on correct site
  • Inspection lists and checks can be edited for any specific project
  • The Passed contractors’ inspections become an inspection request to the Engineer and remain as an inspection request until the Engineer has done the inspection and passed it
  • If a site has not had any Engineer’s inspection in 2 weeks, the site appears in the Dormant Site Report so that no site become stagnant
  • Invoices can be generated on behalf of sub-contractors for work done and material used
  • Multiple Reports are available to management to keep track of the project: daily inspections (according to projects, inspector, date or structures), daily contracts generated, progress map etc…
  • If required, claims can be easily generated by pulling all the engineers passed inspections not yet claimed and allocating them a Claim Number and printing D6 and P4 documents