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Navigating to a Lot Number using the tablet

As an inspector of a large rural project, finding the lot number can be quite a challenge!

You can use your tablet to select the Lot number, and using Google Map Navigate option, find your way.
You will need internet connection for the search. You can choose to print the directions, or if you have internet while driving, use the voice navigation.



Exalon Mapping System

shows the geographical location of the project with the site numbers.  Each site is colour-coded according to the stage of inspection passed.

Inspections Site Map



Exalon inspection screen on an Android Tablet

Standardised check-list with User login for reports purposes and GPS’s coordinates checking and distance recordings


Summary Reports for Managers “on the go”

The mobile site will enable managers to get just the summary of only the pertinent figures to get an eagle view of the progress of their project.

The site is ideally designed for any tablets/smartphones.