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The Exalon QMS software is a two-part solution for administering the inspection process.

The first part is the web-based Exalon QMS system that resides in the cloud and is used by management for administration. The second part is the mobile application used on devices that are used to conduct inspections.

The software improves quality by ensuring that the inspection process is standardised, in term of the checks made, and it ensures that the inspector is on-site by checking the GPS coordinates when the inspection is done. Reports are generated in the QMS. The application’s efficiency often results in a reduction of the project duration as mistakes are reduced and the inspection driven nature of the system alerts when inspections are not carried out in required timeframe.


  • The inspections are created in the main web application: Exalon QMS.
  • The inspections are downloaded onto a mobile device, normally a Galaxy Tablet, which the inspector uses to do his on-site inspections.
  • Each inspection can have multiple checks that need to be completed for the inspection to pass.

Inspection process

  • The inspector must log in with his ID before starting the inspection.
  • Once on-site, the inspector will select the Supplier from a download list on his device (the Supplier’s details will have been uploaded together with their GPS coordinates). The inspection process is simple: checking of boxes for each inspection line, with space to type comments, take pictures or record voice notes.
  • The inspection checks can download a reference file (with additional notes or a diagram) should the Inspector require to check on specific information before passing or failing a check.
  • The inspector can do any number of inspections each with any number of checks and when he is done, he uploads the inspections to the server.
  • When the inspector does the inspection, the device saves the date and time and also the GPS coordinates with the inspection information so as to ensure that the inspector was on the correct site when he did the inspection.
  • If any of the check fails, then the whole inspection fails.
  • The upload of the inspection can be done from anywhere (where coverage)

QMS – Administration and Management

  • The administrative staff can, using the Exalon QMS web application, add or make amendments to the list of suppliers. Through the system, they can log in bookings for in-coming inspections and alert the inspector of inspections to be carried out. This process can also be automated from the system by way of email
  • Management would be able to log into the Exalon QMS web application to see the inspections that had been done and which inspections have passed and failed, which inspector did the inspection, the date and time and how far the inspector was from the site according to the GPS reading. The same information can be sent to any person by email or SMS.
  • The reports can be downloaded for any specific queries, and can be automated to be emailed regularly to the relevant people
  • The inspections carried out can be visually represented in the form of Google maps with colour-coding for relevant types of inspections.

Additional Features to enhance the inspection process

  • Inspection certificates can be generated from Passed inspections. The inspection certificate will display Passed Status, details of supplier, GPS coordinates, date and time, inspector’s details…
  • In cases where the inspections are part of a consecutive sequence of operations, the Exalon QMS system will monitor and report/notify all the persons involved in the process by email or SMS so that the next stage in the process can be started.


  • With the integrated GPS feature, the Exalon QMS systems contributes greatly to the quality of work done in the project by ensuring that the inspector is on the site when doing the inspection.
  • The Exalon QMS system streamlines the entire process and speeds it up considerably in that all the inspections are based in an single central database where all the persons who are involved in the project can monitor progress and can be informed by email and/or SMS.
  • The system can also escalate events, where, for example, an inspector is required to carry out an inspection within a certain time period and if the inspection is late, the inspector’s manager can be informed directly from the system by SMS and/or email.
  • The system also allows for different processes/sequences of inspections on different type of inspections, for example a house in a rural area might have different inspections to those of a house in an urban area.


Exalon QMS works closely with various stakeholders using our mobile applications in rural housing development. All mobile inspections are integrated into our QMS system where we generate reports and where the information can be used to fit in with the building industry processes.