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Exalon QMS, developed by Exalon Dynamic Systems, is a solution provider for the human settlements and infrastructure developers in Southern Africa.

Exalon QMS is an Android mobile application that streamlines the building process by allowing for digital mobile inspections of low-cost housing projects, complemented by a broad online QMS system to process the information gathered on-site, generate reports, and provide comprehensive management tools.


Exalon QMS facilitates the entire project life-cycle of the construction of low-cost housing, subsidised by the Department of Human Settlements. It has the following main modules:

Using a smart device, one can easily, on-site, capture the applicants’ details for a new housing project and submit the applications to the Department of Housing.  From the pegging stage, our software will allow the capturing of all relevant information – for every stage of the building process. The GPS location aspect, as well as capturing the inspector’s login, will ensure accountability and provide a transparent reporting management tool.