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Work-in-Progress Control in Low-Cost Housing Project Management

Exalon QMS has contributed to increased quality in the construction of low-cost housing projects.  Product managers see a reduction in the number of failed structures to demolish as quality standards are being met, due to the following features:

  1. Standardised electronic QS checks across the project by all inspectors
  2. Pictures, annotations, and comments are recorded with the inspections, and are uploaded to be viewed on the web interface by management to make quick decisions
  3. Every inspection is saved with the XY coordinates and the distance recorded from the build to the inspector to ensure that the inspector is indeed is on-site

However, often inspecting a structure when it is already completed is too late. Time and material have been wasted and the structure needs to be re-built.  To ensure that snags are caught early, Exalon QMS allows the inspector to do a separate set of inspections called WIP Inspections that mirror the normal inspections.  These inspections do not constitute the basis for any claims, but serve only for management purposes and can be used as site instructions.

These WIP inspections can be done as a regular exercise by the foreman driving through a project and noticing snags that may require attention.  He can, from his vehicle, do a quick inspection, take a picture, and in the comment section give a site instruction with the remedial action required.

All WIP inspections are viewed on a separate report.  All of the comments and pictures are available to stakeholders – ensuring that all reported information is shared.

Both normal and WIP inspections are gathered in the site history.  Thus, when a lot number is called on a device, every inspection and comments associated with an inspection show a comprehensive construction history.


Exalon Mobile Inspection - Site History

Exalon Mobile Inspection – Site History

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