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Exalon QMS is one of the most useful tools available to Implementing Agents to ensure that the information relating to subsidised housing applications is recorded and processed properly, as well as ensuring the management of the project from beginning to end.

A short run down of the Beneficiary Administration (B.A) process:

The Implementing Agent’s field worker will capture the basic subsidy application information on  an  Android Tablet, loading the Lot coordinates through GPS and giving it a Lot number.  This information will be loaded onto the system and checked against the Housing Subsidy Application forms filled in by the Applicant, to make sure all the applicants for a particular project are loaded and to check if all their documents are present for submission to the DoHS.

The B.A system will generate the necessary documents required by the DoHS for a batch of applicants, e.g:

  • DoHS Application form
  • CTO
  • Commisionner of Oaths form
  • Affidavits etc…..

If there is any duplication of applicants, the database will pick up any ID already uploaded (for instance the ID already belongs to an Applicant spouse), making the subsidy process transparent and allowing for fast corrective action if necessary.

The final list of applicants (together with the XY coordinates)  will be uploaded onto the DoHS’s systems for processing.  Once the DoHS has finalised their list of Beneficiaries, this list is available to the Engineer and Contractor, ready for the next steps:

– Issue of a Pre-Construction list – where the Lots/Beneficiaries details can be re-checked on Site and Pegging performed.

– Issue of  BA’s for each structure with allowance for sequencing etc…. with details of Contractors *

– Recording of all the inspections undertaken by the Engineers and Contractors etc… up to the completion stage of the house and final inspection *

– Claiming process: once the inspection is done, the system will generate the Claims with all the history relating to a contract in order for the Implementing Agent to request payment from the DoHS.


Thanks to the B.A system, the Implementing Agent will be able to:

  • oversee the whole process from the Project Configuration set-up up to the finalisation of claim for the last house handed over in the project

  • follow up on the progress of the construction at their different stages

  • measure the efficiency of the contractors  (check passed inspections, duration of building for each structure…)

  • make changes if necessary on the Beneficiaries list (death, relocation….)

  • generate reports and view full history of information entered on the project

The system provides for transparency, sharing of information among all stakeholders, and since the need for extensive paperwork and large manual spreadsheets is eliminated there is less “handling” and capturing.  The information is therefore more accurateup to datereadily available, the claims are processed faster and the project turnaround quicker.


* Other modules are available from Exalon, specific to Engineers and Contractors, so all the stakeholders on a project can work on the same database