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Exalon QMS has included a land use list in its mobile application designed to capture subsidised housing applications.

When the implementing agent goes on-site to capture an applicant’s site GPS coordinates, he will, using his device, capture not only the residential site (or lot) where the applicant will reside, but also any areas that the applicant uses for other purposes, such as farming, or other activities.


Landuse list Android

Land use list on ExalonQMS mobile ‘Beneficiary Capture’ application



The implementing agent will save a GPS reading every couple of meters around the site so that the site boundaries can be established.


Site Boundaries

Capture of GPS coordinates for site boundaries


Once this is done, the implementing agent will be able to have an eagle-eye view of the site thanks to the map function on the Exalon QMS website (choice of street map or satellite map).


Site boundaries on Exalon QMS web interface

Site boundaries on ExalonQMS web interface



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