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Exalon has the expertise to widen the use of mobile inspections from subsidised housing projects to other diverse applications such as maintenance projects, manufacturing, health and safety, and freight and shipping.

Wherever inspections need to take place, Exalon will provide the tools for quality on-site inspections, including GPS recording, fast reports and access to a fully integrated QMS system.

Since Exalon is a software design company, we can customise our products to suit our customer’s requirements – and can make changes when requested.  We remain close to our customers to ensure that the product delivers as expected.


Exalon mobile inspections for android devices

Exalon mobile inspections

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  • S.J  January 4, 2013 at 8:42 am

    Sounds interesting for my home inspection business, I was wondering, apart from supplying my checklist, would I be able to also enter comments and take pictures?