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Thanks to Exalon QMS, on-site inspections are being done on a mobile device. Gone are the days of inspection forms that get messy and illegible because of poor handwriting or lack of spelling skills (or trampled on at the back of the maintenance bakkie!).

If you are required to apply the same quality or safety standards across all your different site locations, our check-lists will ensure uniformity of compliance:

The GPS tool will certify the presence of the inspector at the site of inspection. 

The data, once uploaded, will be sent to the relevant people for action and will be used to compile reports. 

Reports are generated timeously, allowing for prompt remedial action.  For example, if the quality standard from which your company operates does not tolerate more than 2 “failed” check-boxes, a warning-alert is sent to the person in charge to bring it to his attention.

Inspection certificates can be generated from the system, with a summary of the inspections, their status, and the date and place of inspection.


Please contact us at for more information, or to discuss your requirements to see how we can customise the program to suit your needs.

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  • Thulare Sehoole  February 28, 2014 at 10:26 am


    We are interested in the inspection system for building control please send us a brochure of your product.

    Thulare Sehoole