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To ensure that any project is successful, the sharing of information between stakeholders is crucial. 

This is particularly true for subsidised housing projects where the success of a project depends on its fast turnaround and the satisfaction of the beneficiaries and the community.

Bearing in mind that local governments and municipalities play pivotal roles in the allocation of certain housing projects, as well as the implementation side of other projects, Exalon QMS has the tools to ensure that municipal housing projects are in good hands.

Apart from its quality management modules – designed for implementing agents, sales admin agents, project managers and building contractors – Exalon also assists municipalities engaged to award tenders to manage the subsidised housing process right from the starting point. 

Exalon QMS low-cost housing projects

Exalon QMS Stakeholders

Exalon Municipal Management offers the following systems:

  • Receiving of tenders applications online
  • Evaluation of tenders according to provided guidelines
  • Approval of tenders
  • Monitoring of the process from tender-award to the occupancy of the last house by the way of:
    • Exception reports assisting in sorting out queries fast
    • SMS/email alerts to the responsible people for the queries with the option of escalation to a manager if a query is not attended to within a certain timeframe
    • Integrated SMS system will deliver relevant information to the beneficiaries. For instance, to request missing documents needed for their application or to keep them informed on the progress of their queries, or on the building of their home
  • Assist in generating of Claims to the DoHS

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